About Alicia VanSant

Meet Alicia VanSant, a witty and charming force at 35, conquering deadlines and turning life’s absurdities into punchlines. Armed with a business degree from Rice University, she blends education with laughter, proving they go hand in hand.

Hailing from the land of textbooks and BBQ, Alexis emerged from Rice with knowledge and dreams. With her diploma in hand, she entered the world gracefully, a swan with the humor of a comedian.

When not wrangling words, Alexis thrives in her natural habitat, surrounded by books, a laptop, and numerous coffee cups. She believes a well-placed joke can solve almost anything—except maybe her coffee addiction.

As a seasoned business professional, Alexis navigates adulthood with a smile and a pun. Her approach is simple: work hard, laugh harder, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Crafting content, navigating business, or caring for plants, Alexis does it all with humor and sarcasm. Join her on the rollercoaster of adulthood, where every stumble is a story and every challenge is a chance for a joke.

Buckle up for Alexis’s world, where education meets entertainment, and laughter is the best medicine—unless you have allergies. Her goal on this website is to enlighten many with various aspects of personal finance.