Compensation Disclosure

Compensation Disclosure of Personal Finance Roadmap

Effective December 1, 2009, the FTC issued a new ruling regarding disclosure to the browsing public, by any Internet Marketer, information as to compensation received by the Internet Marketer. We’re a firm believer in transparency, and in that regard, we want you to know how we can earn money from this website.

This is how affiliate marketing works.

Any money that we may earn from this website is by using affiliate links for our easy online tax filing. To clarify, if an internet browser clicks on one of our affiliate links, and happens to make a purchase of some product or service, we may receive a commission.

On many websites, for whatever reason, the site owner/administrator makes it very difficult for you to find their compensation disclosure. We will not do that. We have a primary disclosure link in our footer, and to be sure you are aware of our affiliate relationship, each page or blog post that contains an affiliate link will have an additional disclosure at the bottom of the page or post.

Many individuals don’t like this concept, and we get that. Some internet marketers abuse the industry, and have created this mistrust.

Remember however, most top name brands such as Amazon, eBay, and many more use affiliate marketing to generate sales.

How about product and/or service reviews?

Rest assured; we are not paid in any way to do reviews nor are we compensated with freebies to do so. It’s the policy of this website, to be totally impartial and honest. If we come across a product and/or a service that we feel might benefit you, we will do a review. Also, we promote products and/or services that we have personally used and love. If we try a particular product and don’t like it, we will never promote it.

You need to be aware that if we promote some product and/or service that we like, it’s because we believe that it may benefit you as well. Our primary affiliate is where you can file your own taxes for a low flat fee.

We base our opinion on our personal experience and are not responsible if it doesn’t satisfy your requirements. Remember to do your own due diligence before making any purchase. Furthermore, we do not and can not make any type of warranties or assurances.

Will the product and/or service cost me more?

Absolutely not. Anything that you purchase through an affiliate link is the same price as if you bought it without the affiliate link.

As mentioned above, we do not do sponsored reviews. To further clarify this practice, a store or other merchandiser will give their product free of charge to someone to do a review. It’s very difficult to do an impartial review under those circumstances.

Your support is requested

Our primary goal is to create a useful resource for you. We wish that we could do all of this for you free of charge, but we can’t. Besides the usual hosting fees and other costs, sometimes we have to hire a professional copywriter to write a technical article. All of this is expensive.

Having said all of this to make you aware of the circumstances, we would be especially grateful if you used our affiliate links to purchase a product and/or some income tax filing service that you feel would be beneficial to you.

You should also be aware that since we don’t sell products directly, we are unable to offer any kind of support for them. All inquiries must be directed to the seller of the product and/or service.
By using this website, you agree to our terms and conditions and our online tax filing compensation disclosure.